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TWO BROKE TRAMPS is family-owned and operated right here in LANCASTER, California. Since our company opened its doors in 1981, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best and come with a personal touch.  We have a lot of parts to choose from and by keeping the walls clear of products that sit too long and cost us over head, we pass on the savings to our customers. After Market Harley Davidson Parts, Accessories, tools, apparel can be bought on-line at TWO BROKE TRAMPS/ SCVMC All parts over $150.00 at our cost and we don't have to have them on our wall we charge you 10% to 15% above our cost plus any shipping and or tax that may occur.

Al Owner/Manager

Born in 1945 in San Bernardino and has been a knuckle buster most of his life. From owning a construction company to owning and working out of bike shops. His passion started at 12 when he first started working on Harleys and at 13 he was learning how to ride them. At the age of 71, he has lived an amazing life, met all kinds of people and has been to all kinds of places and his last place is owning and running a bike shop with his son. He finished rebuilding his '87 Harley Softtail in 2015 that burnt to the ground in a house fire in 2006. He has Known Cain DeWitt, the original owner since they were 13. Has made a few bikes that went into Easy Rider and Supercycle magazines.

Rob Co-Owner/Mechanic

Born and raised in Harley shops around the valley and is currently working on a '77 swing arm Harley. Rob was taught to work on and ride Harleys by his father. A legendary biker from the SFV who founded SCVMC and was partnered up with Cain DeWitt for Two Broke Tramps in 1986. He is Valvoline Certified and took Auto Mechanics in high school where he graduated in 2012. His passion is Harleys and he is hoping to know as much about them as his father shortly.
We do it the old fashion way by hand and we do 1 at a time and they are 1 of a kind. Our motorcycle builder has his own industrial coating that lets your engine and transmission run cooler.

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Get your engine rebuilt before spring. We have a turnaround of about 3 weeks after machine shop receives motor. Let me know if you have any questions.
TWIN CAMS AND EVO. CRATE IT UP AND SHIP IT TO US. WE WILL GET IT OVER TO OUR MACHINE SHOP. ABOUT 3 WEEKS BACK TO US ONCE MACHINE SHOP GETS IT.Harley 88 & 95" Twin Cam "A" Engine Rebuild Program Staring at $2598.00 plus shipping and any taxes that may apply Comes with a 6 Month or 6000 mile Warranty. Add $150.00 if you want an 88 expanded to 95".
Contact Two Broke Tramps/SCVMC for details.
We finished working on a 1987 FXST that was burnt when a house burnt down and brought it back from the fire that burnt it to the ground. We had to bring the frame, engine cases, transmission cases and redo them they were so damaged. We were able to save the Motor, Trans, Frame and swing arm. Some of the other pieces that were burnt were sanded down, sand blasted and sent to be powder coated. We posted pictures of the progress as we got it back together. Trying to use original parts as much as possible but its hard to find them that old.